Propelling D2C Brands Beyond Billion-Dollar Boundaries
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Roxtaw is a forward-thinking venture builder with a sharp focus on the direct-to-customer (DTC) sector. They provide necessary capital, guidance, and strategic planning to help startups break boundaries all the way to the 10-figure milestone.

Bear Plus’s goal is to transform Roxtaw into an intuitive, visually compelling, and engaging platform that reflects their pioneering role in the DTC industry.

Art direction
UX/UI design
2D illustration
Design system
Website development

Unveiling Stories With Beautiful Illustration

We carefully selected Domine for heading and Poppins for all the body text because by pairing them, we strike a balance between classic authority and modern simplicity.

In the grand narrative of Roxtaw's website, illustrations play a vital role. They breathe life into our story and anchor our commitment to pushing boundaries, much like pioneers in space exploration. Initially, we were drawn to NASA's iconic shuttles for their symbolic value, representing a longstanding tradition of innovation and audacious quest for the unknown.

However, with NASA ceasing space exploration in 2011, we realized the need to align Roxtaw with symbols that reflect not just boldness, but also the promise of future technologies. And so, we turned to the game-changer of our times, SpaceX.

Our illustrations underwent a transformation, from echoing a glorious past to resonating with a vibrant future. By adopting SpaceX-like shuttles in our design, we underline our ethos: Roxtaw is about ushering in the future, pushing limits, and embracing the cutting-edge.

Reimagining Contact Form, for a Better User Experience

We've infused the website with the spirit of space exploration through innovative illustrations and layouts. Following a storytelling theme, each design element echoes the thrilling journey of a space shuttle, creating a narrative that unfolds as you navigate through the site.

One of the key highlights is our state-of-the-art contact form, which is more than just a tool to reach us - it's an experience in itself. We've dared to reimagine this traditionally mundane feature into an interactive narrative that captivates and engages. As you fill in your details, it triggers a visual of a shuttle launching off the ground, soaring through the atmosphere, and into the cosmos.

This dynamic interaction not only enhances the user experience but also symbolizes Roxtaw's mission: helping businesses take off and reach uncharted heights.

Engaging Experience Through Micro-Interactions

Bear Plus did not just deliver stunning visuals and compelling content; the website's also enriched with a series of micro-interactions. As you scroll, hover, or click, you'll notice subtle animations and changes - these aren't random, but carefully crafted to enhance your engagement and make your browsing experience a delightful one.

Whether it's a button that changes color as you hover over it, an image that moves with your scroll, or a form that responds to your click with a satisfying animation, each micro-interaction is designed to captivate, entertain, and ensure intuitive navigation. They turn an ordinary visit into an interactive exploration, making you a part of the Roxtaw journey.

It's more than a website; it's a conversation, a dance, a shared journey towards a shared vision. It's a part of our design philosophy of engaging users, one small interaction at a time.