Bringing Quality Cabinets to the Digital Frontier

Zen Living is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of cabinets in Canada with over 50+ years of combined experience in cabinetry and design.

Bear Plus’ goal is to reshape the way customers engage with this renowned brand. Our focus is to redesign and develop a website that not only showcases the stunning range of kitchen cabinets, but also simplifies the customer's journey towards their ideal kitchen.

Art direction
UX/UI design
Design system
Website development
Conversion Rate
1 month after publish
The redesigned platform has helped our client see a 200% increase in conversion rate. This dramatic uplift is a testament to our user-centric design and efficient navigational structure that has facilitated customer engagement and led to more prospects.
Bounce Rate
1 month after publish
Our client also observed a significant reduction in the website's bounce rate, which has decreased by 66%. This reduction reflects how our immersive design and enriched content are successfully captivating visitors, encouraging them to explore more and stay longer on the site.
We have put in special effort to create an engaging and intuitive design layout that promotes easy exploration of different kitchen styles.

yet elegant.

We've incorporated a visual-heavy approach to showcase the finesse and quality of the cabinets, using high-quality images and 3D models that allow users to virtually experience the product.

We've also implemented a style-centric navigation system. This means users can browse cabinets by different styles, like modern, traditional, transitional, or by specific features. This targeted approach makes it easier for users to find their preferred style, facilitating a more personalized shopping experience.

Over 500 items database.
Our website for Zen Living is powered by a robust and intricate Content Management System (CMS) that efficiently manages over 500 unique items in its database. The CMS was designed with a focus on scalability, enabling it to handle a vast array of product data while maintaining swift and smooth operation.

Each product item is meticulously cataloged with an array of details, including style, color, material, and more, allowing for precise and quick retrieval of information. This helps in serving the right content to our users, facilitating an enhanced browsing experience.

For a better user journey experience

The decision to choose kitchen cabinets involves careful consideration, and our aim is to support our customers every step of the way. That’s why we've designed and developed a rich content flow that features an informative blog, in-depth guides, and valuable advice articles.

This helps creating an atmosphere of trust, and making their journey to the perfect kitchen a smoother and more enjoyable experience.