We build business-savvy products from the honey of creativity blended with the latest technology trends.


We offer a comprehensive package encompassing both design and development to quickly bring your MVP to life. Our goal is to encapsulate your product's core features and value proposition into a streamlined version that can be launched swiftly.

This approach allows for rapid market testing, user feedback collection, and further product refinement.
Design thinking workshop
UX/UI design
Fractional CTO
Website development
Dedicated team
Software development
Branding design

UX/UI design

We provide a variety of design services for websites, SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, and mobile applications. More than just making visually pleasing interfaces, our team focuses on the user-centric design approach to provide you with high-converting solutions.

We make “technology meets aesthetic” happen while achieving your business goals.
Website design
E-commerce design
Dashboard design
Saas applications design
Mobile application design
Design system
Landing page design

Branding & graphic design

Our team specializes in creating compelling and unique brand identities for tech industry. We blend the latest trends with your company's values and vision to design graphics that resonate with your target audience and enhance your product's visual appeal across all digital platforms.
Logo design
Corporate identity package
Motion graphic design
Brand guideline
Social media graphic design
2D/3D design

Website development

Our adept team excels in crafting pixel-perfect websites, delivering unique micro-interactions and motion effects that engage and delight users.

Our meticulous approach ensures a flawless, interactive, and visually stunning online presence for your brand.
Webflow development
E-commerce development
Headless CMS
GSAP Green Sock
Hubspot CMS

Software development

Our team of expert developers creates custom software solutions, from single-purpose tasks to complex systems, designed to streamline your business processes and increase productivity.
Shopify applications
SaaS applications
Cloud applications
Mobile applications
Intranet portal

Test automation

We use automated testing to improve software quality, speed up the testing process, and reduce the risk of human error. This ensures your product is reliable, efficient, and delivers a superior user experience.

Dedicated team

We offer dedicated teams to meet your specific project needs. Whether you need additional expertise or extra hands to meet a deadline, our skilled professionals integrate seamlessly with your operations to deliver quality results.
Business analyst
Backend engineer
Fractional CTO
QA / Tester / Data analyst
Frontend engineer
UX/UI Designer

How we make great things happen

Planning Together.

Evaluate, analyze, simplify, agree on what and how we’ll work. Together.

Design & Tech Implementation.

A lot of coffee and lots of hard work happen here. Rest assured, for us this is the easiest part.

Expert Delivery.

Voilà! Your awesome product is ready to launch and operate with flying colors.

Why winning businesses’ been seeking to work with our team?

The A-Team

It’s not easy to find full-stack professionals who can deliver valuable insights and a strategic digital roadmap that align with your priorities. BearPlus is the rare team you’re looking for. You’ll accomplish your business goals, like a (bear) boss!

Streamlined Process

We work to create the best digital products while keeping things simple for you to catch up. Every solution we develop is delivered at the highest standard and transparency through close communication with diligent, friendly faces (sometimes good coffee).

Trusted Like A Bro

We keep our promise. Each of our projects is on time, on budget, and as expected. You can always count on us to bring you the best digital solutions at an optimal and no hidden cost, uncompromising results, and a high level of professionalism.