Revolutionizing Ocean Transport & Logistic

CargoKite is a maritime hard tech company based in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 2022 with the mission of sustainable and at the same time economically viable commercial shipping.

Bear Plus was assigned the task of re-envisioning the website. Our focus is to craft a platform that seamlessly delivers information interactively, showcasing CargoKite's futuristic vision and cutting-edge technology in an intuitive and engaging manner.

As evidence of our unwavering commitment to quality and creativity, we are honored to be recognized by these esteemed awards:

Art direction
UX/UI design
Graphic design
3D design
Motion design
Website development
Inspired by the vivid colors of containers and ship airborne power.
Inspired by the vibrant world of maritime logistics, the website employs bright colors and box shapes to convey a sense of order and dynamic. The interactive scrolling and elements ingeniously capture the power and movement of a propelling ship, offering visitors an engaging visual representation of CargoKite's commitment to innovative and efficient shipping solutions.
Crafting an interactive experience
Central to our approach was the use of interactive 3D models of the ships. Users can explore technology features just by scrolling. The ship rotates and zoom automatically, helping to explain further each components of the ship.

We also implemented subtle animations and micro-interactions, enhancing the user experience, making the website not just a source of information but a delight to explore.
Seamless experience across platforms
We meticulously crafted the website's layout to automatically adjust and look appealing on screens of all sizes, from large desktop monitors to smartphones. All interactive elements such as buttons, sliders, and 3D models are easily navigable with touch gestures.